Yachting and Watercraft

Clark Atcheson & Reisert has the expertise to assist owners, operators and charterers of luxury yachts, fishing vessels, small ferries and other watercraft in the following areas:

  • Purchase, sale, mortgaging and registration of such vessels, whether directly with the vessel owner or in conjunction with brokers;
  • Resolution of disputes between owners, prior owners, brokers and/or surveyors;
  • Negotiation and formation of construction or major repair contracts;
  • Technical disputes arising out of vessel construction or repair contracts;.
  • Claims for damages arising out of collision, dock damage, personal injury or other liabilities;
  • Insurance claims and disputes against insurers, underwriters and brokers;
  • Assertion and litigation of product liability claims against manufacturers and sellers of vessels and vessel machinery, component parts and appliances;
  • Salvage claims and towage disputes;
  • Proceedings before the U.S. Coast Guard or other governmental agencies involving licensure or alleged violations of federal or state law including the settlement of fines and penalties.